Impacts Of Bad Advertising On Brands
20 May 2014

Impacts Of Bad Advertising On Brands

Digital advertising is a ray of hope

20 May 2014

Digital advertising is a ray of hope for the businesses looking to expand their audience and fetch return on investments. However, it requires a skilled team of digital marketers to make a campaign a huge success.

Online advertising has several advantages if the strategy is carried out impeccably but if not done right then it can have catastrophic impacts. Advertising can make a small company a huge brand or even destroy the brand name.

Marketing is a complex term for companies as well as for the owners. Not only one has to work through the campaigns for brand awareness but also decide the statements and images that will be uploaded to entice the buyers.

Let’s discuss the adverse effects of poor online advertising,

  1. You lose money – The campaign does not run on its own but you will have to invest in manpower and fill in the wallets for various ad campaigns. A poor campaign an make you lose all your money, time, and efforts. The money gets wasted and you do not gain a single
  2. Introduces trust issues – Not only shoddy advertising can prevent the conversions or do not lead potential buyers to your landing page but can also damage your existing reputation. One bad decision and the marketing campaign can lead you to lose the trust of your customers and the world around you.
  3. You lose customers – Your sales market becomes You don’t reach your targeted audience and hence your stall receives the least number of customers with queries and interests. With bad decisions, you have to face the stranded streets where not customer gets redirected thus leaving your landing page with offers that no one selects.
  4. False expectations – Selection of a wrong image or use of wrong words can lead to the rising of false expectations. Many times, the marketers fail to write the technically right term which even leads to defamation of cases against the company. Sometimes, the image of the product being advertised is very different than the actual product which can deceive the customers to a greater extent.
  5. Broken associations – Brand associations refers to deep feelings a customer has with the company or organization. With negative association comes bad publicity and retarded conversation between buyers and the marketers. Therefore, it is important to display the right message while advertising so you do not hurt the sentiments of the consumers.
  6. Investors backing off – If you are a self-sufficient company then maybe you can deal with the loss. But if you are a struggling organization with a set of loans, investors, and fundraisers then tainted publicity can lead bad impact on investors and they may leave step back leaving you high and dry to deal with the loses.


Digital marketing is the most convenient and the easiest method to gain control of the market. But only if you have brainstormed every possibility and taken measures for every step that can go wrong. Adverse effects of failed campaigns can deeply uproot your organization. Therefore, it is mandatory to hire a professional team, analyze the impact of every step, and monitor the analytics. It will help you modify the campaign if anything goes wrong.

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